Leads the produce of various types of wheeled tractors of 25-260 horsepower, the annual sales capacity of 12,000 units.Other series of products include: series of supporting agricultural implements; a complete range of garden and forestry machinery.

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The backhoe excavator produced by Assemble adopts hydraulic transmission, which is compact, flexible and easy to operate. Features: 1.It's used for ditching in farms and grazing lands, digging pool, cleaning waterways as well as assistant excavating work in construction and building roads. 2.Hydraulic transmission is used, featured with compact structure, flexibility, convenient op-erationand quick mounting and dismounting. It uses hydraulicoil commonly with tractor. The hy-draulic elements are standardized, convenient for operation and service. 3.To better accomplish different kinds of work, buckets of different sizes can be selected and mounted on it.
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Max. digging depthmm1700210026003600
Max. unloading heightmm1700230025003200
Max. digging heightmm2700330034004500
Max. digging depth flat bottommm1600200025003500
Max. swing angle(°)180180180180
Bucket rotation angle(°)160160160174
Bucket capacity0.030.0480.060.2


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