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Corn Seeder

Corn Seeder

The corn seeder is a specialized implement designed for efficient and precise planting of corn seeds in agricultural fields.

Corn Seeder

A corn seeder is an essential agricultural implement designed specifically for planting corn seeds. This specialized equipment ensures precise and efficient seed placement, optimizing germination and crop yield in corn fields. By accurately spacing and depth-adjusting the seeds, corn seeders contribute to uniform crop growth and maximize productivity in corn farming operations.
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Corn Seeder

Product advantages:

1. Each row of Corn Seeder seeding belts corresponds to double discs and is equipped with 12 wear-resistant triangular knives, which can plow to a depth of 18~22cm. This tool is easy to replace, consumes little power, and has good separation between straw and soil, making it more suitable for no-till sowing.
2. Single-row seeding uses a double-chamber seeding device and a double-row seeding round tube to ensure a seedling width of 10-12 cm, reasonable distribution, and good ventilation and lighting effects.
3. The stubble elimination part in the form of a triangular knife roller is used to partially break the uncultivated land on the residual straw plot. The sowing and fertilizing shaft is driven by a pressure roller through a chain drive to realize sowing and fertilizing. Sowing openers are arranged in large and small rows. It has the structural characteristics of good rigidity and symmetry, and is suitable for no-till planting of wheat covered with straw.

Product parameters

Product number2BMF-12/62BMF-14/72BMF-16/8
Dimensions (mm)1755x2125x14001755x2445x14001755x2770x1400
Structure quality (kg)8859251010
Supporting power (kw)66.2~88.273.5~95.680.9~102.9
Sowing width (cm)192224256
Number of working rows: seeds/fertilizer12/614/716/8
Working line spacing (cm)Line Type: big /small22/1022/1022/10
Blades type/QtyStraight knife/72Triangle knife/84Triangle knife/96
Working depth: fertilizer/seed (cm)10~12/2~410~12/2~410~12/2~4
Working speed (km/h)3~53~53~5
Working efficiency (h㎡/h)0.27~0.670.31~0.780.36~0.9


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