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Flail Mower

Flail mower

The block slash mower effectively trims vegetation, perfect for landscaping and maintaining large areas.

Flail mower

Performance and Advantage: 1.Transmission: By sturdy toothed belts. 2.It has hydraulic cylinders to adjust the right and left movement and turn over the body. 3.Gearbox is made of graphite casting iron. Material performance is better. Not easy broken. 4.After dynamic balance test, the blade axle can run stably at high speed, with lower noise. 5.The blades have more quantity, bigger density and higher mowing efficiency. 6.The roller is equipped with bearing on both ends, so it can run more flexibly, without stronger wearing. 7.Y shape blades and hammers are optional, to meet the needs of different customer. 8.The body can be turned over, so it has a wider range of application.
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Structure Weight230kg240kg265kg
Cutting Width105cm115cm125cm
Working Efficiency3500~7000m2/h3500~7200m2/h4000~7200m2/h
PTO speed(r/min)540r/min540r/min540r/min
PTO Spline6x6x8506x6x8506x6x850
Tractor HP20~hp20~hp25~55hp
Structure Weight310kg358kg368kg
Cutting Width1400mm1600mm1800mm
PTO Turnning Speed540r/min540r/min540r/min
PTO Spline6×8×1600mm6×8×1600mm6×8×1600mm
Tractor HP40-85HP55-85HP60-100HP


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