Leads the produce of various types of wheeled tractors of 25-260 horsepower, the annual sales capacity of 12,000 units.Other series of products include: series of supporting agricultural implements; a complete range of garden and forestry machinery.

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Front End Loader

Front End Loader

Assemble manufacturers use high quality steel plate, thickness and strength are guaranteed;High level welding process;Strict shot blasting;High-strength fastener assembly;Hydraulic valve imported from Italy;A variety of joysticks are available;A variety of optional accessories ;Custom-made packaging, can be installed on tractors.
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Front End Loader

1.Using high quality steel plate, thickness and strength are guaranteed
2.Professional laser cutting
3.High level welding process
4.Strict shot blasting
5.High-strength fastener assembly
6.Hydraulic valve imported from Italy
7.A variety of joysticks are available
8.A variety of optional accessories (normal bucket, four-in-one bucket, pallet fork, grass grabber, crocodile fork, snow blower)
9.Custom-made packaging, can be installed on tractors, containerized and shipped
10.Continuous product development and optimization and Originated from the European design system, continuous product improvement beautification
10.Reliable performance, tested by the market
11.Our front loader can be equipped to all major brand tractors in China.
12.European bucket quick hitch
13.Big arm and column quick hitch
14.Bucket with horizontal rise and fall
15.Optional JIC joint

Product parameters

Front end loader
Rated lift capacitykg30040050060080010001200
Max. dump heightmm1800200021002200235023502500
Digging depthmm100120140140180180200
Bucket capacity0.180.30.350.40.480.61
Dump angle(°)42-4542-4542-4542-4542-4542-4542-45


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