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Slash Mower

Slash Mower

The blocks slash mower efficiently cuts through vegetation, making it ideal for maintaining fields, roadsides, and other large areas. Advantage: 1.Built to last medium duty slasher with re-enforced frame 2.Quick-release off-set options 3.Strength and reliability 4.Collapsible hitch 5.Adjustable skids 6.Large range of cutting heights 7.Stone guard 8.Height adjustable rear wheel allows for tighter turing areas with less stress on both your tractor and slasher itself 9.Thick clean top deck to prevent fire through debris build-up 10.Solid top link and a simple to attach PTO
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Mower Main Parameters
Width of cut (mm)1400160018002100
Height of cut (mm)30-50
PTO speed (r/min)540
Weight (kg)235335440520
Tractor power (hp)25-4040-6070-8090
Mounted catThree-point mounted


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