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90HP Farmer Tractor

90HP Farmer Tractor

90HP Farmer Tractor has been adjusted for the overall configuration. Its function and comfortness have been upgraded to meet the requirements of lawn maintenance, engineering operations,farm works,gardening, greenhouse and other operations.
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90HP Farmer Tractor

90HP Farmer Tractor Series tractor has been adjusted for the overall configuration. Its function and comfortness have been upgraded to meet the requirements of lawn maintenance, engineering operations,farm works,gardening, greenhouse and other operations. In addition, the man-machine engineering has been greatly upgraded so as to make your operation more comfortable and convenient, and make the maintenance easier.Product’s applicable working condition: multifunction, gardening, transportation, orchard, greenhouse and farmland operations.
The primary sales territory of the product spans across various regions globally, including Europe, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia. This expansive reach ensures accessibility and availability to customers in diverse geographical locations, facilitating widespread adoption and utilization of the product across different continents.
Matching machines and tools: farmland cultivating machines and tools like front loader, backhoe, trailer, lawn mower,baler, Disc plough, disc rake, rotary tiller, spraying machine and rotary cultivator.

90HP Farmer Tractor Series wheel Tractor Product Selling Points

1. The standard configuration of the 90 HP agricultural tractor includes 12 forward and 12 reverse gears, providing versatility for various tasks. Additionally, the tractor is equipped with energy-saving mechanisms, ensuring efficient fuel consumption and reduced environmental impact. Its reliability and comfort features make it an ideal choice for agricultural operations.
2. The tractor offers a full dampened floor and flat floor design, with optional side-mounted operating levers and suspended pedals. These enhancements not only enhance maneuverability and comfort, but also provide operators with customizable options to suit their preferences and improve overall operating efficiency.
3. newest body shape makes it fashionable and dynamic. The one-piece design of its floor and cabin frame guarantees a safe carrying performance and good seal. The hood, with a wide front and a narrow back, provides good visibility.
4. Based on the optimized man-machine engineering, it features good control layout, differentiated colors, a right-hand console, suspending gas and clutch pedals, and a steering wheel below the hand throttle and shuttle. The steering gear is adjustable both forward and backward.
5. air intake and exhaust pipes are hidden behind the A column in the cab, thus providing a better view.
6.Having a larger fuel tank capacity significantly extends the duration of continuous operation, allowing for prolonged use without the need for frequent refueling. This enhanced capability enables tasks to be completed more efficiently and effectively, especially during extended periods of work or in remote locations where refueling opportunities may be limited.
7. it’s equipped with LED daytime running lamps and convex headlights of separated far and near lights. Overall chrome decorated light boxes look beautiful and luxury. Tail lights use U-shape view LED lamps and LED stop lamps, combined with streamline modeling.
8. The entire vehicle is outfitted with waterproof plugs and meets high standards for reliability and safety. Additionally, it features high-temperature resistant engine lines, significantly enhancing electrical safety and reliability. These measures ensure optimal performance and durability, even in challenging conditions, providing peace of mind to users and enhancing the overall efficiency and longevity of the vehicle.

Product parameters

PTO power (KN)56.9
Rated Traction( KN)18
Front  track (mm)1150/1250/1350/1450
Rear track (mm)1200-1500
Minimum ground clearance(mm)380
Turning circle radius(m)4
 Weight (KG)2720
ClutchDual stage clutch
Gearbox12F+12R shuttle shift
Front tire9.5-20
Rear tire14.9-30
Maximum lifting force at 610mm(KN)16.8
Suspension mechanism  Three-point suspension cat II
Hydraulic output2 groups
PTO speed r/min540/760 or 540/1000 or 760/1000
PTO type8-Ø38 Rectangular Spline
Engine brandXinchai/YTO/Quanchai/Yunnei
Engine typeDiesel engine
Engine cylinder4
Start methodElectric
Fuel tank64
Engine oil pan(L)10
Driveline oil (L)20
This parameter table is for reference only, everything is based on actual products


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